Hello, internauts!

This is my first ever blog post. Isn’t it exciting? I plan to blog about the Prym knitting mill Maxi I recently received. It is a wonderfully simple (if ocassionally temperamental) machine, but with a bit of imagination and a habit of making stuff up as you go along (which is easily acquired) I think great things can come from it.

The first thing to note is that it really likes arcrylic wool, which is handy because arcrylic is my favourite, too. It’s versatile, doesn’t scratch and can be given to anyone regardless of fiber allergies/preferences. It is also cheap, abundant regardless of the quality/range knitting shop you’re in, and can be washed with relative ease and less fear of shrinkage than other wools. Although – disclaimer here – you can ruin it in other ways, which I’ll have a little rant about later.

Secondly, guage is not adjustable as far as I can tell, it knits a big guage regardless of the weight of the wool and regardless of how tight you keep the wool feeding into it. But the size of the things that come out of it can be adjusted by the type of fiber you put in. 100% wool does not stretch as much as arcylic, I have yet to try 100% cotton but I imagine this would be the case, too, as I knitted a baby hat in a cotton/wool/arcrylic blend DK and it came out big enough for a 6month old. However, arcrylic stretches prodigiously, especially certain kinds, Patons DK stretches to fit anyone and so with the number of stitches used for the baby hat and a little added length, the guage stretches to fit my adult head very comfortably.

Finally, for now, the machine is very quick when you get the hang of it – but it takes some getting used to. At first, particularly with panels, I wondered if I wasn’t better off just knitting by hand (where my decade’s history in knitting lies), but with a little perseverance and ten frogging sessions I made a very successful and comfortable tube beanie. Then things took off, my projects got faster and neater and within a fortnight I was making christmas knits faster than I could ever have hoped by hand. As the machine doesn’t do binding on/off the edges are live, which allows for my colourwork or lace cravings to be quickly and easily met on a project that would otherwise have taken weeks of stockinette.

I’m off, for now, but I will be back to blog some more, so have a nice day and happy knitting!


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