Lace with Acrylic

One of the main problems I have heard people encountering with acrylic is that it is difficult or impossible to block, and that lace is nigh impossible. I am sure I am not the first person to take this as a challenge, but I am going to offer a step by step guide to my variant on steam blocking designed for lasting results in even the cheapest acrylic.

1) First you need to knit some lace, I suggest a simple, circular pattern in DK or heavier knit on thick needles – the bigger the lace, the more dramatic the effect.

2) Now soak the finished piece and lay it out on a towel on a carpet or heat-proof surface – I have never wet then heated laminated wood but I think it would warp horribly…

3) Heat an iron, steam setting off, to 75% of its highest heat, and starting at the centre, iron out to the edge of the work. For points and details use the pointed end of the iron to pull out the finer parts of the lace.

4) When you have a shape you like, slowly move the iron over until almost dry, then pin tightly to a dry surface and leave for a few hours.

5) Enjoy!

Here is a picture of my latest piece, though I have been knitting doilies and blocking them this way for a good while.


Drying on the carpet


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