How to knit long pieces on the Prym knitting mill

I’ve been knitting a lot recently, and in my feverish obliteration of my acrylic stash I’ve had to find new ways of dealing with the fact that the more length the piece on the machine has, the more it bunches up in the centre and the more wild the tension gets.

I’ve previously rolled the tubes up as they grow, keeping tension even and ensuring the piece doesn’t catch on the surface the mill is on, but when my scarves were reaching 4 or 5 feet, this was getting tricky.

I had heard someone mention using a carpenter’s adjustable workbench to allow the piece to hang freely, but I don’t have space for an occasional table – let alone an occasional workbench!

My solution? Use the ironing board, like most ironing boards, mine has a hole for the hot foot of the iron to rest in, it’s also adjustable to your height so you can sit or stand.