Needle Felting with Leftover Yarn

This started as an attempt to turn leftover yarn scraps into something I could spin with, but I actually ended up with something lovely-looking, but much more felt-able than spin-able. As such, I took to my newest investment, the felting needle, and I created this:


It started with white and yellow scrap yarn (100% wool) that I cut into 3in strips, and carded on 2 dog brushes. Obviously, handcarders would be better, but due to an upcoming move they have traveled ahead of me, dog brushes had to do.


I mixed the two colours together and was happy with the outcome even at this stage:


Next, I felted the mixture into a circle and added a scrap of turquoise yarn, which I felted into a heart shape on the front of the circle. Finally I made a strip of felt with some leftover white wool and felted that over a hairclip I had left over from a previous project.



I thought that the circle was a little big, so I cut it into a heart shape, and voila!

Here’s a video showing how I needle felt. I got a needle from Amazon and just use a sponge as my felting mat. There are undoubtedly more in-depth needle felting tutorials out there, but this is mine:


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